We offer an extensive range of services for our clients, through our experience in the TV and marketing industries. This ensures that all services required by the client are consistent and well managed throughout. We have outlined our key services below, as we believe that any business with little to no current marketing should use a combination of services below to ensure best reach of branding and messaging to the consumer.



We have extensive experience in advert production. It could be a 5 second sponsorcard for a TV show, a standard 30 second advert slot between programming all the way to an 18 minute infomercial. Whatever you may require, we will produce to the highest quality using our best creatives.


It is improtant that your unique product/service is properly illustrated. Our photographers have extensive experience in a range of professional product and venue photography. Lighting, angles and focus type to name a few, are aspects that we take into consideration as well as your branding, themes and style of business. Whatever your requirements, we will deliver.


Events are a popular method of interacting with your customer base. It enables a deeper understanding of damand as well as the advantage of valuable feedback. We have experience in managing events internally, as well as identifying related events throughout the year to keep your business at the forefront and on the consumer map. Based on your requirements, we can offer a mix of internally organised events and industry related events.

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Yes, we offer sales and buisness development. From account management to sourcing new clients for your respective industry and business. We understand how time consuming it can be to work on new client acquisitions and upselling to exisiting ones, let alone the time and cost implications when employing full time staff. Our specialised experience working in diverse industries gives us the ability to understand business requirements swiftly, ensuring we get to work straight away at maximising your ROI.

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To an ever-growing number of businesses, social media marketing is the most important part of their client base development platform, and as a result receives a sizeable portion of the budget. Social media can target and reach a specific audience, is more affordable compared to traditional advetising and can be updated in real-time.


A website is a very important representation of your business and brand. Most consumers will visit a business’s website when making their purchase decisions. An effective website can be the difference between customer acquisition and loss. Simple is always effective, provising clear messaging and branding. Generation M offer affordable web design services, creating the best online impression for your brand, products and services.